Youtube Premium Apk Download :Vanced App [No Ads Latest 2022]

Youtube premium apk also known has Vanced app is now available to download. In youtube vanced you can watch videos without ads and you will get a feature like Background play.

Youtube is a platform where everyone should have a chance to be discovered, build a business and succeed on their own terms, and that people not gatekeepers decide what’s popular.

So download youtube premium app which is also called youtube vanced from our website. Youtube Vanced app is most popular mod apk of Youtube. If you are looking for modded version of youtube than you are in right place.


Download Youtube Premium Apk

So you can download youtube premium apk or youtube vanced app just by joining our Telegram channel or Directly from below just you have to scroll down. The direct download link of app is available so there is no need to worry and no need buy premium membership of youtube.

What Is MicroG in Youtube Vanced App

If you want to login your account in youtube premium apk you need to download micro G

Simply if you just need youtube vanced download from below. But for some videos like adult content without account you cant watch.Some more benifits like Subscription, recommendtion and browse feature.

   Download Vanced App[Youtube Premium Apk]

Download MicroG

Changelog & Whats New In Youtube Vanced App

  • Added toggle to enable/disable the new annoying SeekBar/Timeline feature.
  • Attempted fix for missing titles on some devices.
  • Added support for more translations
  • Added one more toggle in the ad settings
  • Whatever Google changed in new base


Features of YouTube Vanced Apk

Special Features Of Youtube Vanced App
  • ADS FREE: In Youtube Vanced App Ads is Blocked you can watch the uninterrupted video without any disturbance.
  • Background Play: If you want to play the video while being able to work on other apps on your device, then, you can do it with this app. The feature of background playback lets you listen to the video while you use other apps on your phone.
  • FULL HD VIDEO STREAMING: You will see improved video and audio quality while streaming in low Fps too.
  • ZOOM EFFECT– The pinch to zoom option lets you pinch to zoom in on a video so it takes up the entire display on any device with any aspect ratio.
  • DARK MODE: The app also has toggle themes coming in Black, Dark, White for all the devices.
  • AUTO REPEAT: You can put music on auto-repeat. If you want to listen to music continuously.

How To Install Youtube Vanced App

  • No Need to uninstall Youtube app which is downloaded from play store.
  • Download youtube vanced app from above link
  • Install the MicroG APK if you want to log in with your YouTube account.

How to Download YouTube Vanced Apk

1. Download and Install the YT Vanced on your Android device.

2. Once installed, open the App, and enjoy the YT Premium feature for free of cost.

If you want to sign-in with Google Account you need to download an additional app named microG. MicroG (3MB) file while logging click on the logging area. So you will be redirected to the mirror website to download the app MicroG. Then download and install the micro. Open the YouTube vanced and enjoy the features.

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Youtube Mod Apk

You can also call youtube mod apk to a free version of premium. We always provide all premium apk for free. The mod version of youtube premium is just available to download from above. If the youtube mod apk is not working after download you can just comment down or message me on telegram i will fix it.

So enjoy youtube mod apk!

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