ThopTv Connection Errors Fix “Retry to Connect” How to Resolve this

Connection error is the most common errors of all app. When you open thoptv app it will show like below image in which it will be written like connection error retry to connect. The message you woll get like click here to contact us at telegram and in paragraph written “No internet available or connection timeout occured you can retry with any vpn”

First of All Update Your App to latest version from below link

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How To Fix Thoptv Connection Error

Read all points carefully

  1. First of all try using vpn
  2. If you face any difficulty you can also try using Free Vpn which is available in playstore which may have ads but skip all ads and enjoy
  3.  You can also buy Thoptv premium subscription in rs 1 per day
  4. You can update Thoptv apk to latest version
  5. You can check our telegram handle to check about the downtime of Thoptv sometimes it goes down and it shows such errors.

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