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Liquid Pro: a high-performance, powerful  trading platform fully optimized for your smartphone.
Analyze the markets, trade on margin and manage your portfolio at any time on your phone. Take full control of the  markets wherever you go with the Liquid Pro app – right in your pocket.

liquid Referral Code

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Liquid Pro


Liquid Referral Code


Refer & Earn Register
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How To Signup Liquid

  1. First of All Signup to Liquid / Liquid pro
  2. Entr country, Email, password
  3. Legal first name and last name
  4. Enter referral code- gGYw2TFP759871

How To Refer and Earn In Liquid [Affiliate]

  1. After setting up account
  2. Goto Menu
  3. Goto referral program
  4. You will see you referral code and

Features Of Liquid Pro App

  1. Margin trading on the go
  2. Never miss another trade
  3. Advanced charts. Deep insights
  4. Powerful mobile trading experience
  5. Ultimate security: Regulated & trusted


S0me Reviews Of Liquid Pro App

1st- Good functions in a stable environment. I give 5 stars in the hope that this platform will grow its user base because many of its traded currencies have very low volume to be effectively traded.

2nd- Have only used to “convert” instead of “trade” and it worked perfectly for it and even has a reasonably nice interface.

3rd- I’m so glad that I can finally access my Liquid account on my mobile phone whilst on the go. Loving the biometric log-in option that lets me sign in with the touch a fingertip and also the overall sleek UI. The charting tools are a great feature to have and surprisingly easy to use. I would like to see Liquid Infinity available on here though. Otherwise, this is a huge improvement from the original mobile web option we had.

4th- great initial app! a couple things that could be added to improve mobile experience quickly. 1. home allows me to swipe the margin coverage to other margin positions funded with different currencies. 2. position and order panels allows me to hide currencies with no open positions or orders. (similar to how is done on wallets) 3. trade report generated from mobile which sends straight to my email. 4. dynamic pricingon the order form as I create an order

5th- Liquid Pro has the cleanest UI. I can see my balance and my favourite pairings at first glance. It allows me to access to my intended page within 3 clicks. I like this app! Definitely a much welcomed supplement to the web version.


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