Hybrid Blo App Download Latest Verison {2021}

Hybrid Blo is an app developed by the Election Commission of India.Do You want to download hybrid blo register app apk than you are in right place. As Elections in Bihar and west bengal coming people starting searching for hybrid blo app which is available to download from here.

This application is same as BLO Register app. App and its apk file is available to download from mgov.gov.in and from here too. Hybrid Blo app is a time saving, Simple & easy solution for Booth Level Officers. This app will provide you, your daily work. So you can complete your work in your phone regularly.

Hybrid Blo App Latest version

Number of Downloads: 19944901
Current Version: 13
Updated Jan 2020 09:50:28 PM
Min. required Android version: Android 4.4 – KitKat
Category: Electoral
Price: Free
Developer: CDAC-Mumbai
Contact Info: 011-23052126
Email-Id: [email protected]
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Hybrid Blo Video Tutorial {2020}

How To Do Registration In Hybrid Blo App

  1.  After Downloading open App
  2. Enter User Id as Your Mobile Number
  3. Enter password : Your mobile number is password
  4. You can change it later
  5. Enter State code
  6. Enter Ac nu & Part Nu.
  7. Click On login

Other Facilities and features Of Hybrid Blo

  1. Download Electoral Roll
  2. Revision  Checklist Revision  Demographical Similar Entry,  Registered Death and  Migration Verification.  Logical Errors
  3. Field Verification  Collecting details of:  Overseas Voters  New Voter  Left Over Voter  Future Voter
  4. Collecting GPS location for:  Existing Polling Station  Probable Polling Station  Auxiliary Polling Station  Post Office  Police Station

Download Hybrid Blo Register App

To download hybrid blo app you must goto settings first and allow your device to download app from known source. The latest version of hybrid blo app is 13 we will keep updating version of hybrid blo app. So Download from below link

   Download Hybrid Blo App

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Hybrid Blo App Customer Care

Hybrid BLO App Contact Number, Email Address If you are facing with any problems, then you can contact Hybrid BLO register app customer care by calling on this number 011 23717005. Or you can text them on Email Id: [email protected]


How to Download Electoral List

1) Electors List not Downloading in Hybrid BLO Version 12 Solution – First of all, Make sure your internet connection has good speed. Because due to poor internet it gets problem to Download the elector list. Try to use different Indian server using any VPN. Due to heavy load of BLO on Server, Electors list not downloading problem occurs. So using vpn there might be chance to Download elector list instantly.


Hybrid Blo App State Code

Download State code of all states of india.

   State Code List

How To login Hybrid Blo App

  1. After downloading the app
  2. Enter the mobile number as username
  3. & Same mobile number as password
  4. State code also need to be entered. At the bottom of the page ‘Change Password’ Link is available.
  5. Check All State Code From here

Hybrid BLO Version 13 As you know, Latest Version of Hybrid BLO Version 13 has been launched, But as you know EVP Module available in Hybrid Blo Version v3.0, v4.0.

How to Do Revision In Voter Id Card Using Blo App

  •  By clicking on ‘Revision’ option on home page, further a menu page will appear with next 5 options. These options are
  • Checklist Verification: The work which will be assigned by AERO to BLO will be shown here in the form of list.
  • Logical Error: All the Logical Error available in BLOs part Electoral Roll, will list here.
  • Demographical Similar Entry : All the DSE of the Voter will list here Page 20
  • Registered Death: All the registered deaths in the part of the BLO will be list here. BLO has to verify them.  Migration Verification: All the reported migration cases will list here. BLO has to verify them.

Hybrid Blo State Code List

   Download State Code PDF

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