How To Use One Hotstar Vip/Premium Account in 4 Or Multiple Device

You may be facing many errors while using hotstar even in premium or vip subscription. If you are paid users and sharing your account with friends and family than you may face errors like “”Sorry more than one premium video is being requested from this account. Please close other videos and try again.” This means one cannot watch premium content on more than one device simultaneously. ”

So First of all it is not recommended to share hotstar premium or vip account to other users. Otherwise you may be get errors like above. So What you can do just read all article carefully to get answer about this question. Actually this error or query can also be solved by our title answer “How To Use One Hotstar Vip/Premium Account in 4 Or Multiple Device”.

Why This Error Occurs

If you are sharing the account with others and at the same time he/she also opened the same video or stream this error will occur.

How Error Of Hotstar Will be fixed

In this article i will show you how you can use your friends/relatives Disney Hotstar Vip account with different devices So basically I have Shown You Proof That You Can Use Hotstar Vip Account in More than 4 Devices, Hotstar can’t be shared with anyone unlike Amazon Prime, Netflix Account Can be Shared More than 4 devicesor users. So if Your friends has Hotstar Vip Account You Can Ask him to Share his Account And What Should You know While Sharing Hotstar VIP Account to Get account blocked for that do read this post till the end

  • You can ‘download’ the required premium content onto your phone via the hotstar mobile app for offline viewing.But turn off the mobile-internet/WiFi on your device before you start watching it.
  • This way the same premium content can be watched on another device (aside from the one where it has been downloaded) at the same time.
  1. First of All this error will occur only if all 4 person try to watch same thing at same time
  2. If all are just logged error will not show until all start to watch same thing
  3. If All are watching different thing than don’t worry

Hotstar claim to be worked on single device in 1 time but after we tested its working fine in atleast 4 device and 4 users simultaneously so you can share account and decrease cost.

MEME TIME & Desi Way to Use Hotstar

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