How to unlock password protected ZIP files without any software

Today the files we share with each other have many formats and encryptions behind. Did you ever wonder? Ever came across the instance where you received a password protected ZIP file that needs a password (you have no idea of) to access or open?

This is when you need the way out to crack the password or access the file through other means of unlocking the password protected ZIP file.

The below guide will help you find the ways out to access the files without you having to put efforts in cracking the passwords.

Before, learning how to unlock password protected ZIP files, let’s know why the ZIP format is used for a file or document.

Why use a ZIP format for the files?

Using a ZIP format is essential when you are sharing large files or something that is confidential. The encryption will keep the content safe from third-party adversaries or prying eyes.

So, the ZIP files make a great format to share the large and small contents when they are sensitive and need to keep from snoopers. Well, the process of encrypting or making your file a ZIP file is easier. It just needs the adding of the password to the document.

Let’s learn the easiest way to make files more secure.

How to protect your files with password?

The Windows 7 doesn’t allow the password protect files within the operating system. So, you will need the third-party software to accomplish the task like WinZip, WinRAR, and many other popular ones.

Now, choose the software you find compatible with your personal computer and download it. Proceed further to encrypt it with a password and secure it while sharing it through different means. This assures you the security from the third-party sources.

Let’s also learn how to unlock password protected ZIP files when you don’t have a password or don’t remember the password without using the software.

How to unlock password protected ZIP files without software?

Here we listed few simple and easy methods that can help you with the unlocking of the password protected ZIP files free of cost and without you having to use the software.

# Method 1

Convert RAR files to ZIP files 

Converting the RAR files to ZIP files will let you unlock password protected ZIP files online free of cost. This is the easiest way to access the password protected ZIP files without password or software.

Follow the below steps to successfully unlock the ZIP files using online ZIP converter

  • Visit the online ZIP converter through the browser.
  • Now click on the “Browse” to upload the RAR file and click on “Convert file”.
  • This tool starts converting the files in the ZIP format and removes the password.

So, this is how you can use the online tool to access the password ZIP files. Now, if you don’t want to access the password protected ZIP file offline or without internet connection then the second method below will help you out.

# Method 2

Use Notepad to access the password protected a ZIP file

Notepad is the alternative way to access the password protected files without password or software. The notepad is by default installed in the computer, so the process is free of cost and simple.

Follow the below steps to know how to open the password-protected ZIP files using Notepad.

  • Firstly, open the password protected ZIP file you want to access in the Notepad.
  • Now, search certain keywords like Ûtà in the second line in the file and replace them with 5³tà’.
  • After successfully making the changes, save the file and you will be able to access the file without the password.

This method may sound little complicated but it surely isn’t. Give it a shot to know how easy and simple it is. Moving further if you want to recover the password of the file to open it then you can opt for the third method mentioned below.

# Method 3

ZIP password recovery to recover the password on ZIP

The ZIP password recovery method is the most followed among the ZIP password unlocking programs. This method is the uses the high-speed version of unlocking the ZIP files. Since this tool doesn’t come pre-installed in your PC’s you need to download it first and then follow the procedure to unlock password protected ZIP files.

  • Download and install the ZIP Password Recovery on your PC.
  • Run the program and click on “Add” to upload the password-protected ZIP file.

  • Now select the password attack type according to the clues of the password and click on “Start” after adding the clues.

  • The program will now start recovering the password for the password protected ZIP file and you will have the access to the file once you enter the recovered password.

This whole process of recovering the password will take a few minutes to complete and is easy and simple.


The above-mentioned methods are free of cost and are the most uncomplicated ways to unlock password protected ZIP files without using any software. Any of the above methods will help you access the ZIP file effortlessly.

We tried to mention the best ways of many available online to help you out effectively. So, let’s hope you find this useful.

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