CoWin App Download: How To Register For Covid-19 Vaccine in India

CoWin app download: Covid 19 vaccine registration process in india . Today i will tell how to download  coWin app in this article.

Now India is prepared to fight with Covid-19, as Drug Control General India (DGCI) has approved the medicine that will be used for emergency use. Bharat Biotech and Serum Institute are ready to supply the medicine to all over India. The first phase of vaccination will start for frontline workers of age 50 or above.

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To bring this vaccine to the general public, the government comes with an app named CoWin. Through this app, a user can self-register for the vaccination. 

Right now, there is no use of the app but those who register first in the app will get the vaccination as early as it starts. The application is available on the Play Store and in the first two stages, the frontline workers and emergency workers will get the vaccination, and in the third stage, the general public will get the vaccination but for that, they need to self-register on the Co-Win app. 

All the work of vaccination will be done smoothly and there is proper management to complete the process. Those users who want to get vaccinated, need to fill in all the details under the registration module. All the details will get verified and then the beneficiary acknowledgment module will be sent to the user for their vaccination. Let us know how to register on the app for the vaccine.

How to register on the Co-Win app

  • Those who are not frontline and emergency workers, only they can register on the app for the vaccination. They just need to wait until the app launches properly.
  • Users need to upload their photo identities like Aadhar card, Driving license, Pension, and passports. These things are necessary for self-registration on the Co-Win app.
  • After entering all the details, the beneficiary will receive the message on their registered mobile number, they will get all the details of the place, and time of the vaccination. 

So this is the process of registration of the Co-Win app, now we will tell you all the relevant information about the Co-Win app.

Download COWIN App

Here users will be getting direct download link of Cowin app. Till Cowin app release on available online you can download other app.

Important information about the CoWin App

  • This app is useful for the members who are administrators, vaccinators, and all these people who will receive the shots of this vaccine. 
  • In the first stage, all the frontline workers will get the vaccine and in the second stage, all the emergency workers will get the vaccination. In the third stage, the general public will get a vaccine after self-registration on the Co-Win app.
  • This app has five modules – administrative module, registration module, beneficiary acknowledgment module, vaccination module, and report module. The reports said that it will take 30 minutes for each patient and they will provide 100 vaccine shots in a single session.
  • The administrative module is for those people who are conducting these vaccination sessions and they will decide all the schedules as per the needs.
  • The Registration module is for the normal people who want to get vaccine shots, as this module will get bulk data from the surveyors.
  • The Beneficiary Acknowledgement module will send the SMS to the beneficiaries for the time and schedules for vaccination. As they will also send the certificate after the vaccination.
  • The vaccination module has the work to verify all the details of the applicants and the beneficiaries so that they can proceed further.
  • The Report module will prepare the complete report about how much peoples get vaccine shots in a session and how many sessions are completed. The details of the vaccination got and how many peoples are dropped. All these information will come to the Report module. 
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