Coinex Referral code Earn 50% Cashback on each trade

Coinex referral code:- zdcm2 to earn 20% cashback on transaction fee. So Signup using my coinex invitation code to get free Cet or btc and also earn 20% of transcation fee as cashback.

Coinex referral Code- zdcm2

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CoinEX Referral Code



Coinex referral Code


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Signup Bonus 50%
Per Referral 50%

How To Create Account On CoinEx using referral Code

  1. First of All Signup on CoinEx
  2. Enter Enter and email
  3. Enter Coinex Invitation code: zdcm2
  4. After signup you can trade and get cashback


Coinex Referral offer Rules

Referral rules

1. Only users who register on CoinEx with your referral link or code can be your referred users. If users did not fill in any referral code during registration but you are their first red packet sender, you can count as their referrer. Referred users can enjoy a 3-month VIP transaction fee discount once successfully registered.

2. The referrer can receive a corresponding proportion of the transaction fee generated by the referee. The reward is settled in CET according to the exchange rate, and will be allocated to your account the next day. The actual arrival time might be delayed;

3. Your reward ratio is automatically updated based on your CET holdings at 0:00 (UTC) and 1:00 (UTC). The reward ratio is 20% when 0 ≤ CET holdings < 10,000; the ratio is 30% when 10,000 ≤ CET holdings < 50,000; the ratio is 40% when 50,000 ≤ CET holdings;

4. The effective period of the referral reward begins with the time when the referee creates the account, and the effective time is reduced by half after 6 months. After 12 months, there will be no referral reward for this referee (Apply for CoinEx Ambassador and enjoy the reward forever);

5. The sub-account will keep the referrals of the parent account, that is, the referrer will receive the reward from the sub-account of the referee;

6. CoinEx does not allow any user to refer themselves through multiple accounts. Once verified, all rewards will be cancelled, including the reward for the referee account;

7. Due to changes in the market environment, the risk of frauds, etc., CoinEx reserves the right to make final interpretation of the referral rules at any time.

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