10 Best Free ROKU Private Channels 2021

Roku is a company that provides streaming services for the TV. It also provides Roku streaming players which can be easily set up to watch TV content in the most convenient and inexpensive fashion.

Viewers just have to plug the device into their TV, connect to the internet, make an account on Roku, and start streaming their favorite content. The devices are easy to connect and come with an easy-to-operate remote.

Roku gives you exclusive access to tonnes of content across more than 4000 free and paid channels. So, you can stream almost anything and everything with Roku. It also provides a search option so that users can easily find content according to their preferences.

How to add Roku Channel?

To get access to the Roku private channels, viewers are required to add them to their current list of channels. For this, go to the official website of Roku and Sign in to your Roku account. Use the account that you use on Roku Box.

Now, go to your account web page under the Manage Account option where you will get the Add channel option and follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Go to Manage Account option.
  • Find the Add Channel option and click it.
  • Now, you will be asked to enter the unique code or invitation code.
  • Write the channel’s code which is also called “channel access code” or “invitation code” that you want to add under the dialogue box of the Website of Roku.
  • Lastly, click on the option of Add Channel and you are done!

Once you complete the above process, you will see that your new channels are listed on your Roku box for installation.

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10 Best Free Roku Private Channels of 2019

There is a wide array of Roku private channels across a broad spectrum of categories. You will find channels pertaining to movies, cartoons, space, science, nature, cooking, and what not!

Check out the list of the 10 best Roku private channels below and spice up your TV content:

  • NowhereTV

This channel started in 2010 and since then has been the most favorite Roku channel of its viewers. NowhereTV streams live content running on televisions from around the world. Viewers can explore the versatility of this channel as it streams everything from sports to food and cuisine.


You will see the content of umpteen channels such as ABC, BBC, HBO, and many more. You will also get podcasts from various international sources such as France, Russia, and Germany. What’s more? The channel is absolutely free.

  • Wilderness Channel

All those who enjoy seeking wilderness in nature, then you must watch Wilderness Channel of Roku. This channel is the escapade for nature lovers, hunters, outdoor survivalists who want to learn more about Natural wilderness.


The channel shows videos of camping and hunting together with learning about survivalism and there are no irritating political views displayed on the channel.

  • FilmOn

This is an amazing internet-based television service that brings to you the live TV content running in different parts of the world. It offers its separate services but users of Roku can find it on their TV as well.


FilmOn has given license to more than 700 international channels and also allows users to record videos spanning about 60 minutes. The service is more or less like Nowhere TV but you could also add FilmOn and enjoy its unlimited content.

  • Cowboy Classics

This channel is your one-stop destination to watch classic films of all times. So, John Wayne fans cannot hold themselves back as the channel gives over 60 classic films from the late 1920s to mid-1980s at your disposal.


Classic movie buffs can also watch other western content on this channel to increase their enjoyment of movie-binge. You will find almost all the classic hits such as The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly and the like.

  • Space TV

If space is your fascination and you want to learn more about it, then you must add space TV to your Rou channel list. Viewers who are intrigued by the life breathing in space, then tune into Space TV as this channel will showcases content related to space such as information about world space agencies like NASA.


You will find interesting and knowledgeable content being streamed on the channel in an easy fashion so that layman also understands the drill of space.

  • Creature Cast

This channel serves you family-content cravings. Though the line-up of content on Creature Cast is not very extensive, there two unique things two watches on this channel: Bozo and horror hosts. Bozo is a famous Chicago TV figure that was loved by children like anything!


Bozo the Clown was featured in the morning and showcased goofs and games that were a rage among children. On the other hand, horror hosts were also a morning content that showed horror movies for family viewers.

So, if you want to watch a movie with your family, you know your destination.

  • Home Movies

People who love watching movies do not go anywhere as you have Home Movies on Roku. It is one of the greatest private movie channels of the Roku that caters to your family home movie demands.


Offering a grand assemblage of amazing films from the last few decades, Home Movies is loved by all. It offers digitized videos for the viewers who love watching different content from the comfort of their home in premium quality.

  • The Internet Archive

This is also called Nowhere Archive. This is another most watched and most loved channel. If you feel like rolling back time and watch the old and golden content of television, so tune into Internet Archive.


You will get to see all those amazing old films and TV shows. Viewers can watch classic silent films, and B-list science fiction, and cartoons like Popeye. Users can also watch dated commercials and movie trailers.

Get ready to relive the golden and evergreen TV with Internet Archive.

  • Great Chefs

If cooking is your love and you want some inspirational cuisine to try at home, then Great Chefs must be on your list. This is a popular cooking show which had 700 episodes on PBS after which it had gone off-air.


But no worries, you can find Great Chefs on Roku private channels and rediscover your lost foodie companion. Make lip-smacking dishes, serve others, and be all praises for yourself.

  • Relax TV

What do you do after a hectic day at work? Scroll down your social media account only to get annoyed by the gruesome content. What if we tell you that you can relax at home watching TV? Yes!


Relax TV shows you some serene and picturesque content about tropical lagoons, calming rainstorms, azure ocean iridescent sunsets, and much more. Relax TV also comes with an electronic fish tank and fireplace embellish your living room.


These are some of the best channels of Roku which can be easily added by following the aforementioned process. This list of private channels of Roku is not exhaustive and has other categories as well.

You can add other channels as well as Roku offers a big horde of content for its diverse audience and serves viewers of all ages.

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