Amazon Quiz Answers Today Great Indian Festival Quiz 10oct Win 50000

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Winning chances depend on the account like prime or non-Prime account. Winning chances also don’t depend on the transactions how many orders you have if you don’t have any order still you can win. So check below all answers to today’s quiz.

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Correct Answers Of Amazon Great Indian Festivals Quiz [10th october]

Q1: What Is The Additional Cashback You Will Get On Minimum Purchase Of ₹1,000 As Your First Order?

Answer 1: 5%

Q2: Golden Hour Deals Will Be Live From ___PM To ___AM Only On The App.

Answer 2: 8PM To 12AM

Q3: When Does The Great Indian Festival Start?

Answer 3: 17th October

Q4: When Does The Great Indian Festival Sale Start For Prime Members?

Answer 4: 16th October

Q5: You Can Get Additional 10% Discount On _____ Credit/Debit Card?

Answer 5: HDFC Bank

Amazon Guess What Quiz Answers – Win Rs.25000 Pay Balance

Here Is The Guess What Quiz Amazon Answers:

Q1: Where Would You Find All These 4 Animals?

Answer 1: National Emblem

Q2: All These Food Items Can Be Associated With The Cuisine Of Which Of These States?

Answer 2: Gujarat

Q3: You Would Usually Associate All These Images With Which Festival?

Answer 3: Diwali

Q4: These Are All Monuments Found In Which City Of India?

Answer 4: Delhi

Q5: Connect These Images To A Famous Book/ Movie Series.

Answer 5: Harry Potter


Amazon Quiz 9 October 2020 Answers – Win Philips Soundbar

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9th October Amazon Quiz Answers:

Q1: Delhi’s IGI Airport Will Now Have India’s First And Exclusive Terminal For What?

Answer 1: Private Jets

Q2: According To The India Happiness Report 2020, Which Is The Happiest State In India?

Answer 2: Mizoram

Q3: Which African Country Recently Held A State Funeral In Honour Of Moussa Traore, Its Former President?

Answer 3: Mali

Q4: Which Of These Is The Official Premium Lifestyle Brand Of Soccer Legend Lionel Messi?

Answer 4: The Messi Store

Q5: A Total Of 12 Faculty Members Of AICTE-Approved Institutes Received The First-Ever ________ Best Teacher Awards 2020. Fill In The Blank.

Answer 5: Visvesvaraya


Question 1
Which Of These Food Items Have Proven Benefits In Boosting Immunity?
Answer: All Of These
Question 2
Which Of These Is An Ancient Asana In Yoga, Also Known As The ‘Lotus Position’ Where
One Sits In A Cross Legged Position. Its Practice Is Known To Calm The Brain And
Promote Good Posture.

Answer: Padmasana
Question 3
Which Of These Can Be Defined As The Basic Human Ability To Be Fully Present, Aware
Of Where We Are And What We Are Doing?
Answer: Mindfulness
Question 4
Which Of These Is A Popular Breathing Exercise That Helps In Relaxing The Mind?
Answer: Pranayama
Question 5
Which Of The Below Methods Are Ways You Can Reduce Stress And Anxiety, And Promote
Positive Mental Health?
Answer: All Of The AboveRs 25000 Fit INDIA Quiz

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