Singup 5Paisa Earn Rs 100 on Signup + refer & Free Demat & Rs 2000 Worth Brand Voucher

5paisa promo code:- “AQIB004” to get free demat account and zero brokerage for a month. 5paisa is giving rs 500 on signup and  for each referral via promo code.When you referred user signup on 5paisa using your promo code on app or web you will get 100 POINTS + Top brand voucher worth 2000.

 Hi, I have been trading in stocks using 5paisa and I am really happy with the experience. They charge a flat fee of Rs.20 for trading and have the lowest DP charges. More importantly, 5paisa gives you a stable trading experience on its advanced web and app platforms. Use my referral code to open a FREE account and pay ZERO brokerage for the first month no matter how much you trade. Sign up using referral code AQIB004 or click here

Enter Promo Code:- AQIB004

5Paisa Promo Code



5paisa  Referral Code


Refer & Earn Register
Signup Bonus Rs100
Per Referral INR 500

How To create 5Paisa Account Using promo code

  1. Sigup to 5paisa
  2. Enter email and other required details
  3. Enter 5paisa promo code: AQIB004
  4. Upload required document
  5. Bingo you will get Demat account for free a
  6. You will also get rs 500 on signup
  7. Rs 550 for each referral

5Paisa Referral offer

Refer your friends and get Nifty Bees worth Rs.550+ for every referral. That’s not it! Your referral code gets your friend a Free Demat Account and Zero brokerage for the first full month.

No upper limit to the number of referrals you can make and no conditions to get the referral reward. All you friend needs to do is open a demat account with 5paisa using your referral code. So if 10 friends open 5paisa Demat account using your code, you get Nifty Bees worth Rs. 5500 or more.

When you share your referral code with your friends, you consent to receive 5 unit of Nifty Bees worth approx. Rs.550 in your Demat Account.

Why to Signup 5Paisa Using Promo code

What Is 5Paisa Referral offer

1. Referrer: All clients of 5paisa who refer prospective customers to open demat account by using their unique referral link
2. Referee: All customers who open their demat account with 5paisa using the referral code or link of an existing 5paisa Customer
3. Referral Date: The date when a referee begins his account opening for the first time
4. Referral Reward: The benefit that the Referrer will get once his referred friend successfully activates his/her demat account with 5paisa.
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